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District 5060 is an international district of 57 clubs and approximately 2,760 Rotarians in central Washington, USA, and south central British Columbia, Canada.  It covers a distance of 550 miles (890 km) from Clearwater, BC, in the north to Prosser, WA, in the south. Principal cities are Yakima and Wenatchee in Washington, and Kelowna and Kamloops in British Columbia. 
The area enjoys a four-season climate, with generally warm summers and mild winters. Agriculture, agribusiness, recreation, and tourism are the primary economic activities, along with a rapidly growing wine industry.


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Brain Bikes

Brain Bikes are child-sized exercise bikes.  Very sturdy and amazingly quiet, they are used in classrooms, and managed by teachers so they are not a disruption.  Their purpose is to give children a short brain break with exercise.  This helps students develop the habit of using exercise as a means of self-regulation, an essential life skill.  

Three Rotarians are shown with students from Ranchero Elementary who are demonstrating
how brain bikes are used.  Rotarians are Dave Woolliams, Fred Good man and John Hansen
(left to right)  Brain bikes are used by students for short exercise intervals that are improve learning and self-regulation.

This is a major community service program of Shuswap Rotary. With the benefit of a Rotary Foundation matching grant of US$10,000 we were able to purchase 42 Brain Bikes for distribution to local schools. In addition, because some schools enthusiastically bought into the program they came up with funds to purchase an additional 17 bikes. These 59 bikes have started arriving. Rotarians have delivered assembled the ones that have arrived, and are waiting for the next shipment. They are put into the classrooms around the district, ready for students to use.

With the Brain Bikes we previously placed in classrooms there will be a total of 72 Bikes benefiting the children in local schools. This is a community project we can all be proud of.

Shown below are two 11" by 14" posters we will be posting near the Brain Bikes. A laminated Brain Bikes! poster with the cartoon boy will be placed in each classroom with a Bike (up to Grade 8), and the more detailed poster will be provided to each school with Brain Bikes as general information for teachers and parents, and in classrooms above Grade 8 which have larger Brain Bikes.

Research Behind Brain Bikes

Any exercise, but particularly cardio, stimulates the brain in a way that learning is easier and memory is improved. This applies no matter the age, but it is most beneficial to young learning children with developing brains.

In technical terms, exercise produces the protein BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) which is referred to as Miracle-Gro for the brain, fertilizing brain cells to keep them functioning and growing and spurring the growth of new brain cells. Accordingly, any young student using a brain bike to increase the heart rate will be better able to learn and remember.

Exercise is also beneficial to both students with ADHD and students who are under stress or depressed. The act of exercising brings into balance the chemicals in the brain that are out of balance (dopamine, serotonin).

When students become aware themselves of the benefits they receive from exercise, they voluntarily seek exercise to achieve these benefits. So a stressed student will exercise to reduce stress, and an agitated, hyperactive student will exercise to reduce hyperactivity. This is known as Self Regulation.

Once a student learns to self regulate he has learned a fundamental problem solving skill that will last the rest of the student's life. In addition, the student becomes comfortable with being physically active, which has life-long benefits of health and happiness.

Each brain bike offers every child in the classroom the opportunity to learn and remember better, to reduce stress and agitation levels, to improve motivation, to learn to self regulate, and to prepare for a physically active life with all of its benefits.




This relates to the fires of 2017 - Rotary Clubs donated
a  total of $47,593 CDN
Funds have been dispersed to conclude the support for the communities affected. 

Sincerely yours in Rotary
Sherry Chamberlain, District Governor
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As a Rotary Direct member, you play an essential role in ensuring that Rotary Foundation programs bring positive and lasting change to communities close to home and around the world. The future of The Rotary Foundation depends on leaders like you, and that's why we want you to be among the
view Rotary's 2017-18 annual report.

Learn how Rotarians:
* Helped install a water filtration plant in Pakistan and organized immunization campaigns to reduce the number of polio cases

* Volunteered more than 111 million hours, supporting projects like one that has brought light to remote U.S. homes
* Worked together across borders to offer two-week camps in Poland for children affected by war and violence

* Raised more than $414 million for The Rotary Foundation, which helps fund projects such as one that protects fishing waters in the Philippines

Thank you for your leadership and support. Together we can continue "Doing Good in the World".


Eric Schmelling, Chief Philanthropy Officer, The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International


A reminder that the deadline for applications for
Public Image grant is December 31, 2018 .

Please forward your application to annaharrison1771@gamil.com

Membership Success Story 

The Yakima Sunrise Rotary Club gained 3 members in the month of November. What was this club doing to be so successful? I wanted to know so I reached out to Pam Cleaver who is the club membership chair. Here is what Pam had to say:

Honestly it is just people talking to others that they know and asking people who "want to meet in the morning".   If it is important that we focus on what our club is - which is the early morning club that does great community service projects and forms lasting friendships. 

One of the re-joining members is someone that I just kept in touch with.  So one comment would be we do need to stay in touch with members who leave, as life changes and sometimes they just need to know they are always welcome to come back.

Pam Cleaver, Membership Chair
Yakima Sunrise

This is a great message! I was especially inspired by Pam's commitment to stay in touch with a former Rotarian.  So how can your club reach out to former Rotarians who might now have the time and passion to rejoin Rotary? Each club in our district has the ability to access the Inactive Member List on our district website. Many of these former Rotarians may only need someone to "ask" them back, first as a guest and then hopefully as a member thereafter. And when you are successful, I promise to share your membership success story.

Rob Tidd
Your District Membership Chairperson




Kalamalka (BC) Rotary P/R committee uses video interviews
on Facebook as a unique way to promote the club. 

Click this link for one example.


As Editor I want to wish you and your family a
most wonderful Christmas. May you be blessed with health and happiness
in the the new year.