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Peter Schultz

District Information

District 5060 is an international district of 57 clubs and approximately 2,760 Rotarians in central Washington, USA, and south central British Columbia, Canada.  It covers a distance of 550 miles (890 km) from Clearwater, BC, in the north to Prosser, WA, in the south. Principal cities are Yakima and Wenatchee in Washington, and Kelowna and Kamloops
in British Columbia. 
The area enjoys a four-season climate, with generally warm summers and mild winters. Agriculture, agribusiness, recreation, and tourism are the primary economic activities,
along with a rapidly
growing wine industry.


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Greetings District 5060 Rotarians & friends!

I have visited just over 20 of our clubs so far this Rotary year, and I have to say I am impressed and excited about the future of Rotary in our district. We are CHAPTER 1 CLUBS for sure, focussing on our "Core Values" (Fellowship, Integrity, Service, Diversity, Leadership) and the 4-way test... just as Chapter 1 in the Manual of Procedure tells us we should. So here are some interesting nuggets for you and a challenge...

1) Check out our VIDEOS:
Go to  vimeo.com/rotary5060/albums (https://vimeo.com/rotary5060 ) to see all the great videos that we have for you. See the full list in the "library" file either on rotary5060.org (under Club Pages) or attached to this bulletin. I'll keep you informed about our clubs and Rotarians...

* "DG Visits 2019-2020" - The DG Message (full program) video, and all the short "DG Report" videos are here.
* "D5060 Projects" - Featuring short videos of great projects
* "When I Became a Rotarian" - the newest area, will be uploading videos this week with inspiring stories from our members.

(2) HOLD THE DATE!!!! Next spring we will feature a new training model, our "DTA" or District Training Assembly. 1-day sessions, close to every club (NO hotels or long trips!), designed to train all interested Rotarians but especially club boards. Hope for 10+ members from EACH club to attend. Date to Hold: 16 May 2020 (in USA) and 23 May 2020 (in Canada). See the information on rotary5060.org under "Training". READ MORE.

(3) PAY IT FORWARD!! We want MORE readership of our monthly bulletin, so here is your challenge: Ask 2 Rotarians in your club if they read this, and if they do not tell them what they are missing. THANK YOU!


Peter Schultz, District Govenor

Passing of Col. Clyde Owen

It is with deep sorrow that we inform that our fellow Rotarian and great man, Col. Clyde Owen, passed away last night.  He would have turned 101 years old next month. 

Past President Dave Campbell said, "Moses Lake lost an incredible individual last night, with the passing of Col. Clyde Owen. Clyde was a long time member of the Rotary Club of Moses Lake, and served as Club President in 1979-1980. In addition to many lifetime achievements, Col. Owen was the last Base Commander at Larson Air Force Base here in Moses Lake.

He had the honor of greeting President John F. Kennedy on a visit to Larson in the e
arly 1960s. Clyde had an incredible memory, and was one of the most interesting
persons I have ever known. Clyde celebrated his 100th birthday in August of 2018." 
The family is planning to have a memorial service for him in mid to late August.



I am happy to report that Bruce and Donna were transported to Vancouver General Hospital (about July 29).   Bruce has found comfortable housing through a program called "Home Away From Home" which is an organization through the Vancouver Firefighters. As Donna is in the burn unit of ICU, he has been offered housing through this amazing program. Though walking with a cane and having some discomfort with his right leg, Bruce is doing relatively well and is getting a little stronger every day. He still has a brace on one hand and bandages on the other so everyday activities are still a bit of a challenge.

Donna has some days that are better than others, but she continues to fight to recover. She recently went through her 13th surgery (this one was on her legs), so the pain can be very difficult and she does struggle with that. Recovery will be a very long process and doctors predict that she will be in ICU for several months still, followed by several months of rehab.

If any members are in the Vancouver area, feel free to contact Bruce, as he loves to have visitors. brucefalkins@gmail.com

On behalf of the Falkins family, they are so grateful for everyone's best wishes, notes, phone calls and texts of encouragement, and the amazing generosity that Rotarians (and non-Rotarians) have shown with donations and positive thoughts. They only wish they could contact everyone individually; but please know that each and every one is

Marjolein Lloyd - Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise




The Rotary Club of Osoyoos presented its donation of $27,500 for Osoyoos Elementary School's new natural playground on Friday. Rotarians and school officials were surrounded by happy children for the presentation. On the structure from left are Doug Matthews, Ken Campbell, Jim King (Rotarians), Amy Robinson (PAC president), Dave Foster (principal), Amanda Jones (vice principal), Jeff Duguid (Rotary president), Lynda Bliss (Rotary past president), Myers Bennett, Judy Miller Bennett, Ramiro Contreras, Cheryle King and Brian Rawlings (also past Rotary presidents). (Richard McGuire photo-Osoyoos Times)



Members of Rotary District 5060-South

We are running a weekend session of the Rotary Learning Institute (RLI) in Yakima this fall on Saturday & Sunday, October 5 & 6!

Registration is now available, and we need Rotarians and Rotaractors to sign up for this great opportunity. The Governor's Council has also recognized the importance of this great learning opportunity and has discounted RLI from the regular $170 to only $85!!

When we offered the 2-day weekend for the first time in Wenatchee in April 2019, we had a full room and Rotarians truly enjoyed this opportunity to learn more about Rotary and connect with fellow Rotarians in nearby clubs.

Overall, RLI is the best training vehicle we currently have in Rotary since it creates the kind of engaged and motivated Rotarians and leaders that your club will need to move forward. We are still recognized as one of the best districts for membership growth in all of Zones 24 and 32 (that's 34 districts!). It is because we are one of the most active in RLI, and the leaders in sponsoring new Rotary members are often RLI grads!

***This weekend of RLI in Yakima is available for just $85!! (and most clubs are able to reimburse this)***

Best practices are for each club to send a minimum of 2 members to RLI every year, and if your club has more than 50 members, you can increase that accordingly! Seating is limited so if you plan on attending, be sure to register soon!



We are excited to announce that we have two clubs that have pledged $1000 each toward the HANWASH District project to bring clean water to Haiti, bringing us closer to our goal of $15,000 for the initial engineering study (we are at $9,000 now). Get your club on board with a pledge of any amount you can! Contact Carin Smith or Sherry Chamberlain to schedule a presentation, and view the info on our web sites:
www.wenatcheerotary.org > about > Haiti  https://portal.clubrunner.ca/50005/User/Login > Causes > water
The HAITI HANWASH DISTRICT 5060 Committee is willing to make a presentation to your club on how you can be involved with bringing clean water to Haiti.
USA Clubs: contact Carin Smith carin@smithvet.com
South BC Clubs: contact Carol Eamer Davidf73@telus.net
North BC Clubs: contact PDG. Sherry Chamberlain sherry@adobie.com

HANWASH is a society started in the Caribbean district to bring clean water to all of Haiti.  District 5060 is the first champion district and RC of Wenatchee the first champion club after President Barry Rassin’s district 7020. We are looking for more champions to jump on board to support this new District encouraged program. We need to raise $15,000 US to create the engineer drawings and plans to be able to create Global Grants in 2020.

"Watch the new 3-minute video with DG Peter Schultz and Carin Smith explaining this important initiative."

LINK - https://vimeo.com/349673042


JoeAnna's House in Kelowna is nearing completion.  Here is the latest construction status report from the site, as submitted by Bettina Muller, Director of Annual Programs, KGH Foundation.  She is standing in for Chandel Schmidt, who is on maternity leave.  A financial status update will be hopefully available next month.

"I am pleased to share with you a few recent and exciting updates. Construction is coming into the finishing stages, and we’re so excited to see these changes as we near the end - only 52 days until project completion! 

  • Drywall and dropped ceiling have been installed - which is really making the space look like a home.

  • The bedroom suites are well on their way to having the laminate flooring installed, which really brightens up the space. It's a beautiful warm color and compliments everything so well.  

  • The tiles are being installed in the suite bathrooms - only a few more to go! 

  • Bathroom and bedroom doors are being installed

  • Summer isn't over yet is it? The team is hard at work creating the exterior BBQ area

  • A really nice addition to the home is the steel staircase, which is well on its way to being completed

Another piece of exciting news is that we've launched our JoeAnna's House website! Our communications team has  been hard at work getting all of the important pieces together to create this wonderful new resource. Visit the link here for updates about the soon to be home-away-from-home. And remember, you can always find quick updates on our JoeAnna's House Facebook page - my favorite is the JoeAnna's House TV series with Chuck Cullen.

Latest photos


We all get excited when we add a new member to our club roster. Someone new wants to be a part of our Rotary club where fun and making new friendships is attractive and exciting! I know the feeling and I feel that way every time a new member joins Rotary. The very first step before you enter the information for that new member into your club website, the district website or directly into the Rotary International website should be the following:

Make sure that this new member doesn't already have a Rotary member number. That new member could be a former Rotarian, a current Rotarian transferring from another club, a RI member lead who has already been assigned a Rotary member number by Rotary International or possibly even a former Rotaract member. Why is this important?

It is important because entering any existing Rotary member number for that new member bridges any information already in the Rotary International website (i.e. years of service, contributions to The Rotary Foundation, etc.). If your club does not enter that existing Rotary member number for that new member this information could be lost. It also eliminates double counting of Rotary members in the RI website. So, how do you check to see if that new member already has a Rotary member number? Simply follow the steps below:

1. Go to My Rotary in the Rotary International website (www.rotary.org) and log in;
2. Place your cursor on the word "Manage" and a dropdown menu will appear;
3. Under "Club & District Administration" click on "Club Administration";
4. On the next screen under "Club & Member Data" click on "Add, edit or remove members";
5. On the next screen at the top of the next page you have 3 boxes: Add Members, Terminated Members or Deceased Members. Click on the box for "Add Members";
6. The next screen gives you 2 boxes: "Search for an existing member"  or "Continue". Click on the box for "Search for an existing member";
7. The next screen allows you to enter any existing Rotary member number or you can populate personal information about the new member; and
8. Once you have entered the information you can click on "Submit" and wait for the prompts.

I know it is extra work however it is vitally important that you check for this information before adding new members to your club roster. If you need assistance in following these steps, please contact me or a member of our district membership committee for help.


Rob Tidd - District Membership Chair
Phone: (509) 470-7218

Email: rtidd@corpoffices.org



The Rotary clubs of Wenatchee, Wenatchee Confluence (formerly North), and Wenatchee Sunrise finished the last structure on a 17 year project of Building Rotary Park. The August 7 ribbon-cutting was performed to open up the newest picnic shelter which is the last structure planned for this beautiful park in Wenatchee Washington. Members from the three clubs and city dignitaries were on hand for this ribbon cutting ceremony.

For more information see the words that were shared by past president Rich Peters on his experiences and brief history of the park, posted on the Wenatchee Rotary website dedicated page.



Whether you are in outer space, below the surface of the ocean, at fundraisers and volunteer events. We want Rotarians to show their pride in our organization and proudly wave the Rotary flag.

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