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District Governor 2017-18 Bill Jenkin and Lisa. 

District 5060 is an international district of 57 clubs and approximately 2,760 Rotarians in central Washington, USA, and south central British Columbia, Canada.  It covers a distance of 550 miles (890 km) from Clearwater, BC, in the north to Prosser, WA, in the south. Principal cities are Yakima and Wenatchee in Washington, and Kelowna and Kamloops in British Columbia. 
The area enjoys a four-season climate, with generally warm summers and mild winters. Agriculture, agribusiness, recreation, and tourism are the primary economic activities, along with a rapidly growing wine industry.


5060 Conference 2018 Sponsor Opportunities

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Assistant Governor 2018-2019 Training
July 6-7
Omak, Wa

Rotary Leadership Institute – Weekend Training RLI: I-II-III Sessions
Sept 7-9
Vernon, BC

Past District Governors Meeting
Sept 28-29
Osoyoos – Spirit Ridge

District Leadership Training
Learn facilitation and public speaking techniques, how to introduce and thank speakers/new members and PH fellows. Open to all Rotarians.
Sept 29-30.
Osoyoos - Spirit Ridge

District Fall Assembly and AG’s 2018-2020 Training
-District Committee meetings, Foundation Seminars, Membership, Public Relations, and many more interesting sessions to help your clubs.
Oct 26-28
Lake Chelan - Campbells Resort


District Governor (2018-19)
Sherry Chamberlain's tentative schedule of club visits
To view schedule click here


THE MONTH OF MAY IS Youth Service Month
Many districts are participants in
Rotary’s youth and young adult
programs such as Interact,
Rotaract,  and Rotary Youth Exchange. Youth service recognizes
the positive change implemented
by youth and young adults through
leadership development activities,
involvement in community and
international service projects and exchange programs that enrich and foster world peace and cultural understanding.

The RI Strategic Plan encourages clubs to balance their activities in all five Avenues of Service and regarding the New Generations Avenue of Service, it acknowledges the exceptional work that Rotarians do to support youth programs.


Membership & Goals
Our district (District 5060) is the best in membership growth in Zones 24 & 32. It is thanks to you that we are No. 1 in that category with an increase of 99 new members year to date. I have attached the latest membership figures through the end of April. I have also attached a publication that many of you may have not seen before. If you look on page 4 you can see where we stack up with the other districts in Zones 24 & 32. Did I mention we are No. 1?
I will be more prompt in getting this information out to each and every one of you going forward. I truly believe our membership will continue to grow at a pace unmatched by any other district.

Rob Tidd

District 5060 Membership Chair


The District Rotary Foundation Report
April 30, 2018

Annual Fund contributions: YTD-$299,065.19 (Goals-$336,825.00)
Other Funds (Polio Plus): YTD-$119,918.35
Endowment Fund: YTD-$3060.79
Total Contributions: YTD-$422,044.33
6 clubs with $0 giving

Current Top Three Giving Clubs:
West Kelowna Daybreak ($614.37/capita)
Moses lake ($506.12/capita)
Othello ($472.58/capita)

District Grants:
As of April 30, 2018 all applications have been received and we have reviewed 18 grant requests for a accumulated grant amount of $112,003 + of which the District Grant available amount is $91,400.00. The committee approved 14 grants for an accumulated total of $91,388.00. Further information will be available once all the clubs have been notified.

Global Grants available funds $45,952

Other: The Stewardship Committee of The District Rotary Foundation has completed 3 of 4 Club Reviews to ensure compliance with the Memorandum of Understanding all clubs must adhere to receive funds from The Rotary Foundation.

World Peace Scholars:

The Scholarship committee is awaiting further word from four (4) individuals who have requested our district be their sponsor. One potential scholar from Merritt, BC, one from South Sudan and one from Albania and the latest from Moses lake, WA. The staff at TRF had requested our district consider being a “sponsor at large” and I am excited to see if we do get four (4) scholars.

Roger Perry - DRFC-D5060


Are YOU...
A ROTARIAN interested in working on a NEW District Interact Committee?
For the purpose of sharing ideas on setting up Interact Clubs, supporting Interact clubs, ideas on meeting structures, sharing your own successes, and sharing project ideas...

We have a District Interact Chairperson: Susan Albert
We will set up an online committee meeting to meet any Rotarians interested to discuss ideas on growing clubs and sharing ideas.

If you would like to join this committee, please reply to me and I will include you in an online meeting invite.

Sherry Chamberlain, District Governor 2018-2019


Art of Community - WHS students helping build Habitat house that they funded
By Rufus Woods -Wenatchee World - Publisher emeritus May 14, 2018


WENATCHEE — A team of Wenatchee High School students spent the weekend working on three homes being built by Habitat for Humanity on Methow Street in South Wenatchee.

photoOne house in this project has special significance for the students participating in the Interact Club at WHS, because the students raised money for the $52,000 initial project cost over nearly four years.

Now that’s an audacious accomplishment.

The Interact Club is a student program sponsored by the Wenatchee Rotary Club, and several members were on hand this weekend to help, including Brett Riley, Rich DeRock and Laurie Flarity-White.

Under the guidance of Jess Sanders, the construction boss for the local Habitat For Humanity chapter, the students worked on caulking around windows and other openings on one of the units and also did some cleanup work.

“It’s cool to finally accomplish it (start building the house),” said Interact treasurer Itzia Mejia. What made it special, she said, is that the people who benefit need the assistance.

Jaela Field, a sophomore, said it’s fun to be working outside on a volunteer project and “really proud to do a project that helps people.”

Upstairs in the unit funded by the high school fundraising effort, Milagro Tello was working on the ceiling. It’s a requirement that those receiving Habitat For Humanity homes provide sweat equity in the project. Tello told me she was enjoying taking courses at Home Depot to learn basic construction skills. Even though she was working on a house other than her own, she was beaming with pride at being part of the project. She and her two children will move in when their home is finished.

It’s tough on kids when they move around a lot, she said.

The Interact Club adviser is Jon Magnus, a French teacher at the school and the regional teacher of the year. One of his passions is finding ways to create meaningful engagement between Latino and Anglo students. The Interact Club has created a safe place for students to be themselves despite differences.

The club is bridging the cultural divide, he said. “Everyone feels a part of this (club),” Magnus told me.

Reflecting back on the moment when students proposed raising $50,000 to fund a house, his first reaction was that it would be a daunting task. “But I knew what these kids are capable of” and he fully supported the idea, even though it would put more work on his shoulders.

Obviously, none of the students who started the project are still at the school. It’s a project that leaders and participants in the club took on as their own personal challenge. They succeeded.

Flarity-White is a relative newcomer to Rotary, but said her son was involved with Interact Club when the fundraising started for the Habitat build. Working with the students regularly, said Flarity-White, has been a blessing. “I feel 10 years younger,” she told me.

Also on hand Saturday was Habitat’s volunteer coordinator, Ruth Dagg, who moved to the valley a few years ago and who teaches piano and voice. With the year-round building being done, they are seeking more volunteers to help get the houses finished.

“The older you get, the more you want to make your time worthwhile,” Dagg said.

I couldn’t agree more. For those who would like to donate their time to help this organization, contact Dagg through wenatcheehfh.org.

What’s amazing about this project is the way it brings students face-to-face with community needs and with an organization like Habitat For Humanity that is filling that need.

These students will remember this project and the people they helped far better than what they achieved on standardized tests. Community is built when opportunities are created to help others.

“When I hear people criticize ‘teens these days,’ I immediately think of these Interact students,” Flarity-White told me. “They have worked so hard all these years, and they are all wonderful people. It gives me a lot of hope for our future and I know we (humans) are going to be okay.”

The students of the Interact Club, Rotary and Habitat For Humanity have collaboratively created something very special for our valley.



Columbia Center Rotary Club, Kennewick, Washington (District 5080) is looking for  partners for a Global Grant

Rotary International Foundation, for the first time, is allowing Global Grants for a "simple one, two or three classroom buildings" and we have written a Global Grant for a three-classroom building at a primary school in Pomona, Belize. Columbia Center has an active relationship with the school. The school is overcrowded and some children are not able to attend school. The primary school is the only local school. This is a wonderful opportunity for a Rotary Club to participate in a Global Grant.

     The overall requested total is around $92,000. Columbia Center Rotary Club has committed $10,000. Three other Rotary clubs have committed $1000 each. We need to raise an additional $20,000 from other club's and/or other sources. The remained of the funds will be district and RI matches. Please, together, let's provide a school building so children can attend school.    Thank you!

To receive further information or a copy of the Global Grant, please contact:

Peter Kalunian ,Immediate Past President
Columbia Center Rotary



The Rotary Club of Ashcroft/Cache Creek received a District Public Image Grant that was put towards a trailer that will be used for events throughout theircommunity.


There are many things a club
can do for local hands on
projects that have to do with
the environment or Preserving
our Planet Earth. Some clubs
and RI recognize a name for
this committee already:


RC of Kamloops West and members from RC of Kamloops Aurora have been actively working together on many projects in a committee for their clubs, headed up by Dr. Stan Fike such as:

  • Tree planting and noxious weed pulling, in collaboration with the City of Kamloops and a school class of grades 4 and 5

  • Building a large community garden (called Kamloops Community Garden), and assisted with building 2 others

  • Annual river shore cleanup, and semi-annual road cleanups

  • Landscaping for 2 community non profit social agencies in Kamloops
    Research and presentations to clubs on issues involving reducing consumption of energy, water, non-recyclable items

  • Replacement of incandescent bulbs with CF bulbs in a Seniors complex.
    Club program: city recycling and recycling issues.

  • Working with City on a local wetlands project idea

  • Planning ideas on an Interpretive Park and Peace Gardens for the City

If you are looking for ideas or assistance, this new committee has some experienced folks that can help your club with implementation of a project idea or starting your own committee for your club.

Contact the Environment Committee Chair:
Tom Tochterman


Get on board in your community!
What you going to do on this day to engage members and help your community?

Submit your photo and short paragraph story for the next bulletin.
Send to: ftclifton@aol.com




Water fall on road to Schlegeis, Austria
Photo by Editor, Ken Kohnhorst. Leavenworth Rotary

I would like to feature your photos here; so if you have
a favorite please mail to me. 


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