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District Governor 2018-19 Sherry Chamberlian

District 5060 is an international district of 57 clubs and approximately 2,760 Rotarians in central Washington, USA, and south central British Columbia, Canada.  It covers a distance of 550 miles (890 km) from Clearwater, BC, in the north to Prosser, WA, in the south. Principal cities are Yakima and Wenatchee in Washington, and Kelowna and Kamloops in British Columbia. 
The area enjoys a four-season climate, with generally warm summers and mild winters. Agriculture, agribusiness, recreation, and tourism are the primary economic activities, along with a rapidly growing wine industry.


5060 Conference 2018 Sponsor Opportunities

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Rotary Leadership Institute – Weekend Training RLI: I-II-III Sessions
Sept 7-9
Vernon, BC
Sept 8, Sept 22 & Oct 20, 2018
Yakima, WA

Past District Governors Meeting
Sept 28-29
Osoyoos – Spirit Ridge

District Leadership Training
Learn facilitation and public speaking techniques, how to introduce and thank speakers/new members and PH fellows. Open to all Rotarians.
Oct 26-28
Lake Chelan - Campbell's Resort
*Note: This has been combined with the District Fall Assembly(See below)

District Fall Assembly and AG’s 2018-2020 Training
-District Committee meetings, Foundation Seminars, Membership, Public Relations, and many more interesting sessions to help your clubs.
Oct 26-28
Lake Chelan - Campbells Resort


Rotary Leadership Institute, Fall 2018 Series

Sept 8, Sept 22 & Oct 20, 2018
Yakima, WA

2-day Weekend Program
Sat Sept 8 - Sun Sept 9, 2018
Vernon, B.C.


It has been with great pleasure and gratitude to serve you all as your District Governor this past year. With one hour to go, I can say that our District will be in great hands moving forward. Sherry, Peter and Richard are motivated and eager to continue District 5060's legacy as one of RI's leading Districts.

This year we tried some changes and most worked out to be gratifying to all of us. The cluster visits were outstanding and I am appreciative to all the AGs who made them possible. Our membership gain is quit substantial at about 90 new members. The last report shows us number 2 for Zones 24 and 32. These zones include all of Canada, Alaska as well as much of the northern US and most of the Eastern US seaboard to New Jersey. Our Foundation giving will be close to $450k, which is more than expected following our huge prior year. Finally, I truly believe our clubs had fun. This was my core objective and I hope you all did!

There are so many people for me to thank for making this year what it was. Our District is run by teamwork and I feel that this years team was involved more than perhaps they all assumed they would be. Rotary is not just a few people but instead our entire membership and again I am grateful to all of you!

As Past District Governor, I look forward to seeing you all soon.

So long for now!

Bill R. Jenkin
Rotary Club of Prosser
District 5060 Governor 2017-2018
509-778-2482 RotaryJenkin@yahoo.com


District Governor 2018-2019 Installation in Kamloops.
Thank you to the many folks that attended my installation in Kamloops June 15th including Past District Governors, current governors and assistants. There was lots of publicity featuring “Women in Rotary” for this event- all for the good of Rotary!

Click here for a wonderful video interview at with your new District Governor

DG Sherry Chamberlain and her husband Jim look forward to the start of their club visits on July 9th visiting their first club in Sunnyside.

“It has been such a wonderful experience leading up to this point over the past few years. Jim and I have spent many hours in training activities at Zone Institutes, Pacific North West Events, Assemblies and the much anticipated event, the Rotary International Assembly in San Diego. There is a lot of great ideas that have been realized from these events and training seminars, it is hard to know where to begin.

My one hope is that we all come together as Rotarians and work together at a worthwhile hands on project. In your community as Rotarians of your club. Working side by side is one of the key things that helps a club bond, make new friendships and provides stability and retention in membership. Get out there and take action because we are People of Action.

I would love to see Peace Gardens and Parks developed as this brings beauty to a city, it reminds us of how peaceful our communities can be or is, and helps provide an image of Rotary in a light that is our goal. To bring Peace to the world through service.

Be the Inspiration this year to you and to your friends in Rotary.”, Sherry.

District Governor (2018-19)
Sherry Chamberlain's tentative schedule of club visits
To view schedule click here


1. Bring in a new member : custom Rotary pin is going to be presented by Sherry to sponsors
2. Update Clubrunner with your profile info and photos : Ecards being sent out by Sherry to members with birthdates uploaded and special sponsor pins given out (must name the sponsor in the new member profile in Clubrunner)
3. Build a Peace Garden/Park, Promote and Share with the District : Featured at the 2019 Kamloops District Conference
4. Support the Foundation : district grants can be used for local community service projects
5. $500 to each club that applies : local community hands on projects involving more than two Rotarians (application form to come)
6. Buy A Hippo Roller : Saves women from having to carry multiple loads of water great distances


New Rotary Bus for Martin Center,Kelowna
Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs
What a great parnetrship...Rotary does it again!

Five Rotary clubs in Kelowna along with a number of individual Kelowna Rotarians who partnered with The Colin & Lois Pritchard Foundation to purchase this 24 passenger bus for the Boys & Girls Club of the Okanagan. The cost of the bus was roughly $73,000 and we raised $75,550.00 which helped pay for the taxes involved in this purchase. It is a great example of Rotarians partnering with another organization to bring to completion a project badly needed for a charity who does much for children and families in our community.


MILOT, HAITI 2018/2019

Existing water project has been supported by Wenatchee Club for over 8 years. They started a Rotary Club in Milo, Haiti  and have been working with them to establish a SunSpring community water filtration system. The community has a large supply of water but it is mostly contaminated so people are getting sick. The SunSpring Hybrid water filtration system (http://www.innovativeh2o.com/sunspring-hybrid-2) has been successful in providing clean water for the community hospital and school, plus a community tap where local families can fill up jugs of water. Wenatchee has also started a micro-finance credit project in Milo to help Women start small home-based businesses to create family income.

Image result for milot haiti
What is the need?
1. With the SunSpring water system up and running, the community needs a way to support the ongoing costs, including replacement filters and maintenance costs.
2. The existing water filtration system could be expanded to service other parts of the community to provide more families an opportunity to have clean drinking water.
3. The micro-finance credit program needs to be reviewed and re-booted to become a more robust process for community members to participate on a larger scale. There is a need for a local person to be trained in simple computer based book keeping. This would ensure there is a person able to oversee financial transactions and ensure records are maintained and shared with Rotary to validate and meet required standards.
4. The Rotary Club of Milo needs mentoring and guidance to ensure a thriving organization for the future that could serve as a local partner for the ongoing project and perhaps participate in a global grant.

Next Steps:
Wenatchee Rotary Club is looking for support from other clubs across District 5060 to move this project forward. They hope to have other clubs provide boots on the ground, project input and financial support as follows:

1. Develop a Business Plan to sell jugs of water across the community to
generate an income for the water project. This income would be used to
cover the ongoing operations and maintenance costs for the existing
filtration system and to expand the filtration system to other parts of the
community. Funds raised would also be used to compensate a local
technician who is in charge of the maintenance. Business Plan to be in
place this fall.
2. Organize a Rotary visit to Haiti to view the existing projects and help plan for the future expansion of the water filtration system. Would be led by the Wenatchee Club including members from other clubs who are
committed to supporting the project. Timing to be determined.
3. Review the Micro-Finance Credit project previously established in Milo and determines needs to revitalize it. Provide computer training for book-
keeping function at the local level so that community can be self-sufficient
and computer based reporting back to Rotary.
4. Work with community members in Milo to mentor and guide local Rotary club, supporting them to become a local hands on partner club for ongoing projects.

What can you do to become involved?
Respond to this notice to let Wenatchee know you are interested in
supporting the project and how you would like to be involved. For example:Can you help with building the Business Plan? Computer training for a local resident in book-keeping skills?
 Attend a meeting planned for the Wenatchee/ Omak / Chelan area Fall 2018 to learn more about the project and specific costs involved.
Contact Garry Arseneault, Wenatchee Rotary Club:
509-860-2318 arseneault9@gmail.com for more information
Visit Wenatchee Rotary Website:



Members of the Rotary Club of Moses Lake provided $2,700 in personal support to "Diaper Mania", an annual club project to provide disposable diapers and baby wipes to the New Hope domestic violence shelter in Moses Lake. Boys & Girls Clubs of the Columbia Basin provided the bus, and Rotarians Amanda Walker, Gary Ash and David Campbell loaded and unloaded the goods! About 2 ˝ pallets of goods were stuffed into the bus!

Pictured are employees of New Hope


Zoë van der Meulen, governor of District 7170 (New York, USA) is building upon a tradition in which clubs from the same community get together and host open houses to invite community members to learn more about their club. Her small Rotary Club of Unadilla has brought in 10 new members thanks to open houses.

“At each open house there's someone who says, ‘I've always been interested in Rotary’ or ‘I was a Rotary Youth Exchange Student, but I never knew how to get involved,’” says van der Meulen. “So many people think very highly of Rotary but need this extra nudge to join.”



The unveiling of the Harmony Mosaic Art and Bell Tower in the City of Ashcroft took place June 23, 2018. Rotarians, Lions, and other organizations responsible took part in the ceremony.

Rotarian Pache Denis chaired the Harmony Project Committee and worked hands on the project and the celebration from start to finish.

This public mosaic art display is the creative vision of artist Marina Papais and architect Danial Collett.

Their world harmony theme invites reconciliation and celebration of cultural diversity with a positive, interactive, and meaningful artistic statement of the celebration of life in Ashcroft and the world.

It honors the history and contributions of the many peoples who helped develop the community.

For more photos of this project click here for PDF file


Membership & Goals

Linked below is the district membership as of June 24, 2018, listed by club according to RI.  Clubs received this before July 1, in order to assess needed membership actions for the new year and is presented again on-line for ease of future reference. Hats off to Kamloops Aurora Centennial, Kelowna, Princeton, Ellensburg Downtown and Ellensburg for having the highest percentage increases in membership for the year. I will reach out to each of these clubs to find out what they are doing to increase membership and share that information with all of the clubs next month.
Membership Idea #1 prior to July 1st:
Before you delete any club members from your Clubrunner database because they have not attended Rotary this past year, please consider the following first:
Ask your club Executives about them as they may know why a particular member is not attending Rotary.
Some reasons cannot be controlled. Other reasons can be addressed and corrected. "I am not engaged. I don't know anyone. I feel our club isn't doing anything for the community. The club meetings are too long".  These reasons are examples of why we should not let these members leave our club before we put some effort into solving these issues.
Just like in sales, it is harder to get a new client (Member) than it is to retain an existing client (Member).
Most people want to do hands-on projects in our communities. Let's get all of those unengaged members and new members in a room and task them with a fundraiser and then a hands-on project.
They will feel satisfaction, feel engaged and realize new friends. They now have a reason to stay in your club.

Membership Idea #2 beginning July 1st:
Beginning July 1st, District Governor Sherry Chamberlain will be presenting a custom designed pin to members who sponsor a new member. A copy of the pin is attached to this email.  I challenge you to earn the opportunity to wear this pin that will be highly recognized throughout our district and beyond. Which club is motivated to earn the most pins? We will be tracking this throughout the Rotary year so please provide me with the names of your new member sponsors.

Let's finish out this Rotary year strong in membership and continue our success into the next.


Rob Tidd

District 5060 Membership Chair


Even though the Rotary International Convention in Toronto, Canada, has not started,
I want to introduce myself as the "ON TO HAMBERG" Committee Chair! I am Wayne Massing, Past President of Wenatchee Sunrise Rotary Club 2015-2016.

Please contact me to get added to the exclusive, early notifications regarding the Rotary International Convention in Hamburg, Germany, June 1-5, 2019.

We plan to change up the District’s visibility before, during and after the Convention. Custom shirts to identify our Canadian/American District, possibly custom cruise(s) after the Convention, and possibly a common District 5060 hotel and dinner are some of the options we are investigating! Get on the email list and get information early!

Wayne Massing,
Past President 2015-2016,
Wenatchee Sunrise Rotary Club
206-290-7143 cell/text  - 509-888-3953 home

Dear Rotarians:

At the 2019 RI (Hamburg) Convention, an RI director is to be elected by club members in your zone. This director will serve on the RI Board in 2020–22.

If your club wishes to submit a qualified Rotarian for consideration by the Nominating Committee for Director in your zone, the club must follow these guidelines:

The club must use the attached Official Suggestion Form.
This Official Suggestion Form must reach the nominating committee convener no later than 1 September 2018 (the address is provided on the form).
The form must also be accompanied by a written statement from a physician certifying that the suggested candidate is in good health and physically able to carry out the duties of an RI director.
The form must be signed by the candidate, indicating that he or she agrees to abide by RI's provisions against campaigning for elective position, and that he or she accepts the attached "RI Board of Directors Job Description."
RI Bylaws section 11.060. states, in part, as follows:

“Rotarians shall not campaign, canvass or electioneer for elective position in RI, or allow any such activity, either on their behalf or on behalf of another.”

The RI Board also calls your attention to Rotary Code of Policies section 26.070.4. “Rules Regarding Campaigning, Canvassing, and Electioneering,” which provides more details on these restrictions.


John Hewko
General Secretary, RI



Vocational Training Team -Belize
Image result for belize

 We are seeking 7 professional construction workers ( can be Rotarian or non-Rotarian) to form a Vocational Training Team to help built a three-classroom school building in Pomona, Belize. All expenses (travel, room and meals) will be paid by a Rotary grant if the grant is approved.

We are seeking professionals in the areas of: masonry, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, concrete, sheet metal roofing, window installers, and general construction. We will be working with the local workers to teach them our skills. The building Plan has been developed and is available for review. Permits will be secured before our arrival and permissions (utility companies) have been obtained.

The dates are Jan. 18-27, 2019. Belize is an English-speaking country, friendly people with virtually no crime in the area. Housing will be at a hotel that is clean, en-suite, air conditioning, and beds and room are cleaned daily.

You may extend your stay at your expense.

A local contractor will supply the tools unless you prefer to bring your specialized tool.

If interested, please contact: Peter Kalunian 206-854-0612 pkalunian@gmail.com



Get on board in your community!
What you going to do on this day to engage members and help your community?

Submit your photo and short paragraph story for the next bulletin.
Send to: ftclifton@aol.com



Registration is now open for the 2019 District 5060 Conference!

Please join District Governor Sherry Chamberlain from May 2 - 5, 2019 in beautiful Kamloops, BC for a packed conference offering local tours of downtown, wineries & breweries, a hands-on project at the BC Wildlife Park, home hosting, fun, fellowship, guest speakers and much more!

Click here to register now and receive the early-bird rate until August 31, 2018.

If you pre-registered while attending the District Conference in Prosser, you should expect to see an email confirmation soon.

For more details and to see what tours and activities are being offered, visit us here https://portal.clubrunner.ca/50005/SitePage/district-conference-2019/welcome

See you in Kamloops in 2019!


"Paint your own Birdhouse"
Leavenworth Rotarians bring some happiness to children at annual Kinderfest on July 4th
View a slide show here

I would like to feature your photos here; so if you have
a favorite please mail to me. 


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