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District Governor 2018-19 Sherry Chamberlian

District 5060 is an international district of 57 clubs and approximately 2,760 Rotarians in central Washington, USA, and south central British Columbia, Canada.  It covers a distance of 550 miles (890 km) from Clearwater, BC, in the north to Prosser, WA, in the south. Principal cities are Yakima and Wenatchee in Washington, and Kelowna and Kamloops in British Columbia. 
The area enjoys a four-season climate, with generally warm summers and mild winters. Agriculture, agribusiness, recreation, and tourism are the primary economic activities, along with a rapidly growing wine industry.


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Rotary Leadership Institute – Weekend Training RLI: I-II-III Sessions
Sept 7-9
Vernon, BC

Sept 8, Sept 22 & Oct 20, 2018
Register Here for RLI-Yakima 
Yakima, WA

Past District Governors Meeting
Sept 28-29
Osoyoos – Spirit Ridge

District Fall Assembly and AG’s 2018-2020 Training
-District Committee meetings, Foundation Seminars, Membership, Public Relations, and many more interesting sessions to help your clubs.
Oct 26-28
Lake Chelan - Campbells Resort


Rotary Leadership Institute, Fall 2018 Series

Sept 8, Sept 22 & Oct 20, 2018
Yakima, WA

2-day Weekend Program
Sat Sept 8 - Sun Sept 9, 2018
Vernon, B.C.



Rotary District 5060 Public Image

Theme 2018-2019 - ENHANCE ROTARY'S IMAGE

District Governor Sherry Chamberlain has designated $5000.00 in her budget
for Public Image initiatives within our district. The purpose of the public Image grant is to help Rotary clubs in our district enhance Rotary's image. This grant
is not for fundraising events or initiatives.
Applications for funding request must be received by December 31, 2018.
All applications will be reviewed by the committee and applicants
will be advised if the project qualifies for a grant.
Applications should give as much detail as possible including;
Details of the project
Dates of the project
Location (If applicable)
Who will benefit
Total amount budgeted for the project
How any additional funds will be raised
Which Rotary club(s) will benefit

Please submit your application to:
Anna Harrison
District 5060 Public Image Chair
email: anna.h@telus.net cell: 250-319-4965



On July 16, Salmon Arm residents and summer visitors were treated to one of the most spectacular shows going – the RCMP Musical Ride (Royal Canadian Mounted Police). Over3,400 people attended two sold-out performances, one in the afternoon and another in the evening. The RCMP Musical Ride is performed by a full troop of 32 riders and their horses.

Their performance consists of intricate figures and drills choreographed to music. The riders act as ambassadors of goodwill who promote the RCMP’s image throughout Canada and the world and help raise thousands of dollars for local charities and non-profit organizations. The riders in their traditional red serge dress uniforms and the beautiful black Hanoverian horses certainly
made a dramatic and eye-catching event.

The performances in Salmon Arm were hosted jointly by the Rotary Club of Salmon Arm, and The Salmon Arm and Shuswap Lake Agricultural Association. Rotary has been active in Salmon Arm and the Shuswap since 1946, and the Agricultural Association has been around since 1897, holding an annual Fall Fair almost continuously since then.

Over $52,000 was raised during this event, with over 500 hours of volunteer service from Rotary, Friends of Rotary, the RCMP Veterans’ Association, and the Agricultural Association.

The performers received standing ovations after both performances, and the Musical Ride personnel were more than pleased with the performance and horse facilities, and the involvement of both hosting organizations.





Hello Everyone,

We all get many, many, emails from Rotary and on Rotary related topics. I’m respectfully requesting you give your attention to this one. Our topic is the upcoming event planned from September 20-22 in Montreal.

Formerly known as the Zone Institute, we have renamed it the Zone Conference. So, what’s the same, and what’s different. The Institute was originally designed to motivate, inspire, and educate past, current and incoming district governors. That has not changed. We want and need as many past governors in attendance because we know there is a critical mass of that talent and leadership that can make an event magical. The pledge of the entire planning team is that the event will be worthy of your time and resources.

What has changed. Historically attendance at a Zone Institute was restricted to those in the Governor line. If that wasn’t you, you weren’t allowed to register for the entire event. What we know though, and there are examples repeated over and over again, is that club and district Rotarians who have been able to interact with District Governors (past, present, and future) they get inspired by them and become more engaged in our organization. They get more involved. They aspire to higher levels of leadership, some of them even getting on the Governor track. (Our organization and our Zones need more of that engagement NOW)

We decided to facilitate that process and open up Montreal to ALL Rotarians. We want to facilitate and be a catalyst for that engagement between our Governors (and their knowledge, leadership skills, and commitment) and club and district Rotarians. The goal is that it will be meaningful for all. The goal is that the event will speak to all who attend.

Go to https://portal.clubrunner.ca/50077/sitepage/2018-montreal-conference

Take a look at the program.
Share the link with Rotarians in your club and in your area. (please)
Register! (please)
Come and enjoy the wonderful city of Montreal.
Come and renew old friendships, and create new ones.
Mingle with RI President Barry Rassin and his wife Esther and other Rotary leaders from around North America.
Participate in the facilitated discussion group breakouts. Share your knowledge. Glean new morsels to take back home with you.
Be inspired by world class speakers.

On behalf of the entire Montreal planning team, we look forward to being with you in September. We appreciate you. Thanks for your consideration. Reach out to me personally with any questions.

Jeffry - RI Director, 2018-20


District 5060 club presidents and Hamburg Convention promotors can use the follow link to show a short video regarding the 2019 Hamburg Convention: http://www.riconvention.org/en/hamburg/videos

We have 41 convention attendees registered toward our goal of 100! Those 41 have exceeded District 5060’s attendees at both the Seoul and Atlanta conventions!

Wayne E. Massing, Chair
District 5060-RI Convention Hamburg Promotion Committee
Wenatchee Sunrise Rotary Club - Wenatchee, Washington USA
Email: wkmassing@nwi.net or Phone: 206-290-7143 Cell/Text



21 Clubs Visited from July 9 – August 9. Prosser to Wenatchee.
1226 Rotarians = 50% attendance so approx. 613 Rotarians reached.
Many project sites visited and wonderful images of Rotary all over Washington.

We had the pleasure of meeting PDG Julian Agranoff and Sylvia in Ephrata. Picture shown here (back left to right) with DGN Richard DeRock, President Scott Adams, Sherry, PDG Pete Erickson, Jim, (front) Julian and Sylvia.

Picture postcard views at places we have visited like Grand Coulee area. A view from a members’ house that was so spectacular.

Hospitality from the clubs and members have been overwhelming.

RC of Lake Chelan honors PDG Joyce Stewart in their community with a memorial plaque in their entry area to their city. It was a pleasure to have seen this and to meet Mary, Joyce’s friend and partner.

The club was gracious to give me her governor pin and license plate holder to cherish until the next female governor reigns.

Thank you Rich Watson area governor for your hospitality and thoughtfulness. Our AG’s have been tremendous hosts!

Rotary in Chelan is everywhere. There is even a Rotary Peace Garden at the corner of the Safeway parking lot. This Peace monument was inspired by their member Constance (Concie) Luna. A very reative Peace pole!

A stone is given to the peace statue as a
gesture that you will make peace your goal.
I would love to see this in every community, a Rotary Peace Garden, so we can have Peace as our main dialogue.



Rotary is around every corner in most of the cities we have visited so far. Induction of new members, donations awarded and Paul Harris fellows being recognized.

In Toppenish you can find these free book stands, take a book – give a book. What a nice thing to have for the kids of the community.

In Wenatchee, the clubs have worked together to build an amazing Rotary Park with monuments of recognition, flags for both countries and Rotary, picnic benches and shelters and more recently, they are building additional parking and a new picnic shelter. There are even plans to add a Rotary Peace Garden area.


Equally memorable and warm hospitality
in Yakima.  As well they are proud of the many Rotary areas like their sports fields.  Great image for Rotary.

We are so enthused about the areas so far visited and the outlook of Rotary in these communities and cannot wait for the next club visits this week in Penticton, Oliver, Wenatchee, Quincy and Cashmere and next in Summerland, Penticton and Omak.

Sherry Chamberlain, District Governor 2018-2019



The longest term Rotarian in our district is PDG Julian Agranoff at 70 years in Rotary. -Julian was instrumental in bringing youth exchange to our district in approx. 1976.
32% of our district membership is female
Active Membership total: 2560

District 5060’s first governor was in 1943 and we’ve only had 2 Female governors since.
                     Joyce Stewart served in 2001-2002
                     Sherry Chamberlain serves 2018-2019
(Note: nominations for District Governor for 2021-2022 are being accepted until September 28 for District 5060)
Rotary International is probably still 5 years out before a female president will be recognized as it takes at least 35 years on average to get to this position.
Women in Rotary started officially in 1989.

Notable Birthdays:

Clyde Owen of the Rotary Club of Moses Lake turns 100 on August 29th.


Sherry Chamberlain would like clubs to try holding a Rotary Business Mixer in their city. Chamber of Commerce does this well attracting many business people to their after hours mixers, Rotary could sponsor one of these mixers and tell the Club’s Rotary stories.

Zoë van der Meulen, governor of District 7170 (New York, USA) has also built upon a tradition in which clubs from the same community get together and host open houses to invite community members to learn more about their club. Her small Rotary Club of Unadilla has brought in 10 new members thanks to open houses.

“At each open house there's someone who says, ‘I've always been interested in Rotary’ or ‘I was a Rotary Youth Exchange Student, but I never knew how to get involved,’” says van der Meulen. “So many people think very highly of Rotary but need this extra nudge to join.”



Membership Idea - beginning July 1st:
Beginning July 1st, District Governor Sherry Chamberlain will be presenting a custom designed pin to members who sponsor a new member. A copy of the pin is attached to this email.  I challenge you to earn the opportunity to wear this pin that will be highly recognized throughout our district and beyond. Which club is motivated to earn the most pins? We will be tracking this throughout the Rotary year so please provide me with the names of your new member sponsors.

Let's finish out this Rotary year strong in membership
and continue our success into the next.


Registration is now open for the 2019 District 5060 Conference!

Please join District Governor Sherry Chamberlain from May 2 - 5, 2019 in beautiful Kamloops, BC for a packed conference offering local tours of downtown, wineries & breweries, a hands-on project at the BC Wildlife Park, home hosting, fun, fellowship, guest speakers and much more!

Click here to register now and receive the early-bird rate until August 31, 2018.

If you pre-registered while attending the District Conference in Prosser, you should expect to see an email confirmation soon.

For more details and to see what tours and activities are being offered, visit us here https://portal.clubrunner.ca/50005/SitePage/district-conference-2019/welcome

See you in Kamloops in 2019!

I've always loved this photo...it just shows what
something like clean water can do to bring a smile!
Ken Kohnhorst, Editor

I would like to feature your photos here; so if you have
a favorite please mail to me. 


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